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Over two decades manufacturing professional equipment

In 1981, ELECTROMEDICINA MORALES gives its first steps in the aesthetic medicine industry by manufacturing its first product: the radiofrequency hair removal equipment. A short time later, the company created its second product: the iontocontractor. With such an advanced designed for the time, this product allowed the company to enter definitely into the professional beauty market, continuing with the development of professional equipments.

Focused on kinesiologists, physicians, cosmetic dermatologists, aestheticists, cosmetologists and beauty professionals in general, we keep developing high quality equipments with the latest technologies.

Since then, we have increased our structure, human resources and reliability due to the high quality of our products, becoming one of the best manufacturers of aesthetic and kinesiology equipments.


Our mission is to design, manufacture and market electromedical equipments and accessories, and to offer post-sale technical support, satisfying the needs of our clients and users by providing integral aesthetic, kinesiology and cosmetic treatments, as well as advice and training activities that allow maximizing the performance of our products.


Our goal is to be renowned among our clients, users and distributors due to our assistance, advice and training services and mainly for the quality of our products, post-sale service and technical support.


Our mission and vision can only be possible through the commitment of the General Management with the following values and fundamental principles, which are considered the basis of our organization:

- We undertake to satisfy the needs of our clients by communicating our goals to all our staff and providing the necessary resources so that the quality of our products and services are a consequence of the management quality of our processes.

- We undertake to comply with the requirements of our clients, whether legal, regulatory or other, including those not specified but necessary for the safety and effectiveness of our products.

- We undertake to make our staff involved, taking into account that Human Resources are our most precious capital and that training and performance evaluation is the best investment to keep and improve such resources.

- We undertake to evaluate our main suppliers in order to guarantee the compliance of our quality standards and to promote the commitment and participation through communication about performance and improvement opportunities.

- We undertake to keep and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system through the establishment and follow-up of indicators that allow us to verify the compliance of our goals maintaining our company’s profitability.

- We undertake to comply and implement this Policy, ensuring its understanding by all our company members, and to use the information provided by our management system as an analysis tool to ensure its continuous suitability.